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Beginners Guide to Wedding Photography

bristol wedding photographerWedding – it’s that moment when two officially announces they become one and all the emotions revolve around from tears to smiles and laughter. Because of its preciousness, people around the world see it important, even mandatory, to have it recorded in a video or an album. This is where you, comes in.

This article will talk about what it takes to become a Bristol wedding photographer and rough sketch of what happens in a wedding in photographer’s point of view.

Do you enjoy weddings?

Several days that lead up to the wedding day are full of tight schedules. So many things are happening and the couple and you are always worried if things will wrong; the weather, the flowers, the food or even the traffic. Yet, several successful wedding photographers express their passion and fondness of wedding events, enjoying the beauty of when two individuals merge together that day.

When you enjoy your work, you are able to put everything into it, no matter what troubles may come. It also shows in how you treat your clients and the way you are enthusiastic in shooting their wedding.

Getting the job done

Initial appointment

After receiving a mail or call containing your clients’ interest in having you as their Bristol wedding photographer, it is important to make appointment as soon as possible. If face-to-face meeting is impossible, you can set up a video call appointment and discuss the venue, wedding style, length of time (days and hours in a day), number of photographers needed if you work in a team, and album presentation.

Visit the venue

Even if it is a little bit far, you need to make a visit before the wedding day, with your clients during their rehearsals if possible. There are various reasons to do this:

  • Get acquainted with the place
  • Set your camera to fit the environment and lightning of the place
  • Test pose with your clients for posed pictures

Develop your style

There are several type of style wedding photographers provide. Some go with more relaxed tones, others more glamorous. Throughout your career and with more and more projects you work on, you will be able to decide the tone of your pictures and be able to meet with a compatible client.


What is a reportage style? Every wedding lately has been using this method and there’s a reason why.

As a photographer, you might understand this as a style where you take pictures and arrange them chronologically to create a story of the wedding. But, today we see multiple photographers slipping in B&W effects on every picture they take and calling them reportage. Such ignorance creates temporary trending pictures, but nonetheless, fades with time.

As a wedding photographer, you take pictures that need to stand against the contest of time. Reportage is a style of documenting events and in this case, you need to capture all the important moments from various angles and shoots and be able to tell lines of stories with every picture you use. It can be when the bridesmaid hugs the bride, during the emotional hug between parents and their kids, the glare of a princess’ father to the lucky groom and so on. Doing such, you will be able to create a bespoke album for your clients.