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4 Things You Should Do as a Wedding Photographer Cardiff

wedding photographer CardiffIt’s easy to make mistake as a human being. One of those mistakes, however, is to not notice what you should be doing! And this is a mistake that many wedding photographers don’t realize. If you are a wedding photographer Cardiff looking to be better at your job, you’ve come to the right place. These are things that you need to remind yourself to keep doing from time to time.

1. Attend the rehearsal

Many people with experiences think that it’s just a waste of time to attend a wedding rehearsal when they are already equipped with years of experiences. It’s true that you may have to spend extra hours during it and mingle with new people that you’ve never met before. However, it’s also your chance to practice the shots with your clients.

This is the only time where you can test to see if the ideas that you have will work. You will also get to capture some wedding rehearsal moments. Don’t let anyone doubt its use; it is one of those moments that couples didn’t think they will treasure so much.

2. Bring and check the backup

Every wedding photographer needs a set of backup equipment in case something goes wrong with their main. A wedding party is not something you can repeat again, nor can you postpone it just because the wedding photographer loses his camera. Make sure that you bring a reliable camera, an extra zoom lens, two empty memory cards, two batteries.

Check your backup from time to time, because it’s no joke if your backup battery won’t work and you still need to charge your camera for hours before you can use it again. This is one thing we learn from Kate Adams Photography. A professional wedding photographer Cardiff has to be extremely careful says the professional photographer.

3. Get an insurance

If you haven’t insured your equipment and studio, you need to seriously consider that. There are many things that can really put you in a tight spot because you don’t have an insurance. A burglar can break into your house and steal your expensive equipment when you’re sleeping. You’re also at risk if you work alone and no one is there to keep an eye on your stuff.

There are many things insurance can cover you for. From natural disasters that may cause your current studio destroyed to compensating people for your unintentional mistakes. Your insurance company will even cover the legal fee to cases that are related to your job as a photographer.

Your insurance company is also willing to give extra discounts should you pay the premium for years without any claiming. You get the same privilege and won’t have to pay as much anymore. People will also look up to you for being insured.

4. Know the manners

Every wedding photographer Cardiff must know the manners at every wedding party. For example, you should wear formal according to the wedding party that you are attending. You should prioritize your work as a photographer during the party and not be distracted to do other things, such as eating. Promoting yourself is also prohibited by some clients, so make sure you don’t offend them this way.

How To Pick Your Wedding Photographer


Cardiff wedding photographerYou have to understand the fact that hiring out a wedding photographer Cardiff for the wedding should be done early on in your so-called planning process. This is not exactly the type of thing that you should be rushing into at some point or so. You need to be very selective and very particular when it comes to the process of picking your wedding photographer because this can mean a lot to the wedding photos that are being produced of you during the date of the wedding. If you don’t know where to start, the same goes for tons of the other brides out there but they managed just to go through with the process in all of the best ways and that is something that should assure you a little bit while you are at it.

You should know what particular photography style you are going after.

Wedding photographers tend to categorize themselves based on the specific photography styles that they specialize in. needless to say, it will make your job so much easier if you know what you are looking for when you are trying to figure out which wedding photographer will turn out to be the most suitable and the most well equipped for the photography coverage of your wedding. It is always better if you are knowledgeable in what you are looking for at the end of the day because then, you have a far better chance of getting everything that you have been looking for in the first place. You have to understand ahead of time though that this isn’t really any small feat to have to overcome. At some point or so, there are a lot of different photography styles out there in the market these days from documentary to fine art to portraiture to traditional to avant garde and so on and so forth. Go through the different photos available online so that you can at least grasp the meaning behind the purpose for each and every single photography style and so that you can pick yours out depending on what you like the most. Try to see if you can include your partner in on this as well. The decision to pick out a particular wedding photographer shouldn’t just be up to you as it involves two people to get married.

Get to know the venue for the wedding before you go ahead and start looking for a professional wedding photographer to book.

A lot of the well established wedding photographers out there will ask you about the wedding venue right off the bat and if you would like to make sure that this is the type of thing that goes off without so much as a hitch, then you need to know what you are getting into in the first place. For example, wedding photographer Cardiff from www.kateadamsphotography.com will most likely ask for some kind of an ocular visit at the wedding venue weeks leading up to the actual wedding date and you will need to oblige him in the best way that you possibly can.