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Unique Wedding Photography Ideas: Light Painting Photography

wedding photographer CheshireRecently, there has been a surge in increasing number of unique style incorporated into wedding photography. Light painting photography is one of them.

This technique makes use of slow shutter and light source to draw or write on the pictures without any editing tools involved. An interesting fact about this is that none will ever look the same. You can do this in different places, with different lighting source and pose.

Getting started

Before thinking about drawing complicated images like wings or spirals, make sure that you’ve mastered the gist. Get yourself these things:

  • Darkroom/dark space/night time
  • Light sources such as torch or laser pointer
  • DSLR camera with bulb mode/timer
  • A sturdy tripod

And you’re off to your first light painting photography!

1.       Set the camera

Find the background that you want. For practice, it’d be best that you work in a closed room with lights turned off. This way, the illumination will be clearer to see.

Use a tripod to hold the camera firm in place. It should not shake or moved as images will appear with small spikes along the line.

Whenever you are doing this on a real venue, get yourself familiar with how the place looks like. This way, you’ll come prepared and immediately know where and how you should place your camera and your clients.

2.       Draw simple

Draw something simple. A love, for example. It’s important that you are able to make a good shape of it. One thing that is obvious is that you don’t want to repeat yourself and make the client stand for a long time as they wait for you to get the shape right.

3.       Use a variety of light source

Anything that shines will work. Some use fireworks, others with their phone’s flashlight. The internet is also rich of ideas and unique tools a wedding photographer Cheshire can procure. They are glowing sticks in various shapes and colors. There are unlimited ways to create images with your clients!

4.       Let the clients draw themselves

This is also another method you can use. Instead of drawing around them, let them draw it themselves! Usually, you can have one bridesmaid and the best man to help out in drawing one letter for each; make a ‘LOVE’ word with a firework in their hands.

Make sure that all of you are a hundred percent sure of what you are doing before commencing. Fireworks are dangerous, although small ones are not that dangerous.

5.       Post-production

Make use of editing tools to enhance the colors and glows. You can play with how the light should turn out, but not the shape. As much as possible, though, retain the originality of the pictures.

6.       Never stop practicing and creating

Don’t stop and feel satisfied with the word love. Search, read, and think of more unique ways you could have done light painting photography. As a wedding photographer Cheshire, you can be different from others by offering something that not everybody can do.

And again, it is important that you don’t experiment with something that you are not sure about. As time is precious and you don’t want your clients to feel like you are wasting their time.

Start grabbing those torches and light sticks! Light up your next wedding photography session!