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Wedding Photographer Dundee: You Could Be Doing It Wrong

wedding photographer DundeeAs a wedding photographer Dundee, we do our best in delivering our service for every couple that requests for it. We all have our own ways of doing things as well, so long it helps us capture the pictures from the best angle and help our clients understand our directions. But as a photographer, it cannot be said that we’ve never done things wrong.

If you feel like you’ve been doing fine so far, that’s great. But what if you could have done better for your clients? This is your chance to become a better photographer.

1. Cultivate receptive attitude

Some people who possess a lifelong experience in doing something lose the ability to learn from others. There are mainly two reasons for this: 1) they have barely met anyone better than them, and 2) they cannot accept the fact that anyone younger in the field can do better than them. It’s a simple act of humbleness to understand that even if you are not wrong, you are not using the better way.

Unless it is something that sets you apart from your competitors such as using films all the way through, see for yourself how others are doing better and if that will help you, too.

2. Be Inspired

It’s very, very important to be inspired and gain new ideas as often as possible. When you are asked to take as many pictures as possible in a wedding, you often end up just snapping for anything that happens in there. Some clients have no problem because it’s more important to have a lot of memories of their wedding day.

But to have hired an expensive, professional wedding photographer Dundee like Angus Forbes Photography would mean that they are expecting something better. They want you to be creative, crafting a gorgeous look that is sealed permanently in a picture for them to keep.

You might have used the same idea on so many couples, but have you thought if maybe it’s time to move on and start doing something different?

3. Too trending

Following the trend is important because clients often ask for it. To some, they want to be really in the forefront of trending pictures and they involve heavily in creative thinking of how to capture their wedding pictures. But you know that trends often end us fads that don’t stay long while wedding pictures are things that you end up with for a very long time.

At the end of the day, you want them to be happy and satisfied in the long run, so they can talk about you more in the future.

4. Oblivious to your surrounding?

Have you ever seen photographers who are so focused on what they do, they go as far as crawling or laying on the floor to get a certain angle? It’s commendable to see how some photographers are really enthusiastic about their job, but keep yourself in check during the reception or ceremony. The lowest you can do is to crouch and the highest is, well, standing.

Your clients are glad, but they won’t let themselves be embarrassed by having a wedding photographer Dundee who is too excited to take their pictures.