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3 Things an Edinburgh Photographer Has to Watch Out

Edinburgh photographerIt is not an easy task to become a professional Edinburgh photographer. Clients often ask for the best of the best because, understandably, it’s a very special event that can never be replaced. They want a photographer who will be able to help them take the pictures they really need!

Because of that, anticipating for any kind of problems that may come is important. We cannot prevent everything, but we can anticipate and take the best course of actions should a trouble come up. And here are the three things you need to always anticipate.

1.  Crowds

A wedding party is often not complete without the guests cheering and congratulating the couple. After the ceremony and during the reception, what often happens is that you find yourself in the middle of a human flood. But on top of that, these people are not just enthusiastic about the wedding, but also to get some great shots themselves.

Which means you are competing with them in getting the best shots of the wedding. The problem here is that the merry atmosphere prevents us from telling others off. But your clients also know that the pictures they will get are from you.

Anticipate by discussing this with your client and plan how you will want to shoot. As much as possible, think of what if the people start to crowd you. Where will you stand? How do you regain your position? How can you ask your client to keep the clients off the borders?

2.  Different every time

As an Edinburgh photographer who has taken a lot of pictures like Mark Quinn Photography, it could be tempting sometimes to use a previous idea again and again. Seeing how people loved the results, you did not think it would be bad to use them again. And it’s true that some people don’t mind it. In fact, they might even request it themselves!

But always keep in mind that creativity is the key to thrive in this business. The longer you stay in one place, the further you will get from everyone else. People are always seeking for something new. Although, there are trends that photographers should stay away from. And remember, creativity is not the same with following the trends. It means you have to come up with something new and you.

3.  Weather

This is a factor that none of us can control. We check the weather forecast today and it says that it’s going to be sunny all day. Perfect for a wedding day and to get some good pictures. Unfortunately, the sky starts to get gloom halfway through the ceremony and now the rest of the day might look grey and dark.

You cannot control the weather, but you know that rain is a chance you will not risk. Prepare the necessary props, so you and your clients can still shoot under the weather. Umbrellas, raincoats, lens hood, and a reliable speedlight is necessary to keep yourself and your camera out of the rain as well as get enough light on your subject.

An Edinburgh photographer can sure be burdened with huge responsibilities for a wedding photographer. But, watch out these 3 things and you will not go wrong.