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Beautiful Indian Wedding Photography: Tips and Tricks – checked

indian wedding photographyWedding occasions wherever it’s done is beautiful and always have to be recorded because when wedding is finished, all the guests have left and your dress is taken off, only pictures and videos are left of it.

Indian wedding is a niche photography where not most people have knowledge of and familiar with. Yet, the market is growing and more and more people are looking for photographers like www.sukhichandi.com/ who is capable of Indian wedding photography.

Learning their culture

The Asian wedding ceremony is one that is filled with tradition and cultural essences. Their ceremony typically takes place more than a day. So, you need to find out and learn about what is necessary in an Indian wedding.


Traditional Indian wedding can take as long as a few days. Several clients, though, like to incorporate contemporary wedding and only include several important steps from Indian culture.

Traditional Indians too sometimes have to hold their weddings in the oddest time of the day; sometimes 3 am in the morning! This is because they usually consult to an astrologer to decide when is the best time to tie the knot.


The wedding is divided into 3 stages for a complete traditional procession: pre, main and post. There are many parts to it, but let me list two of them here.

The whole procession starts from when the astrologer, or Pandit, prays for the couple to be happy for a long time and to have a prosperous life ahead.

Another important part is when the couple has to circle the altar for 4 times and then run to get a seat, winner holds the household. Pretty fun and adorable to capture! This is called Mangal Pheras. Depending on the area and origin of your clients there will be slight differences between the wedding procession.

Communicate with your clients

It might sounds uncommon, but you are not likely to meet any of your Indian clients until the wedding day. Because communication is key, call them and make sure that you are able to set up an appointment to meet with them before the wedding day, because so many things can go wrong and missed, especially if you are not used to working on an Indian wedding photography.


Grab the details of the wedding, such as the drawings, or Mehndi, on the hands of the bride and rings if they use them (Indians rarely use rings, although the custom is getting more common now!)

Guest photos

Several Indian families will insist that you take everyone’s pictures. Even though barely anyone will ever look back at those, it’s sort of a courtesy to show that the families appreciate their attendance.

Get help!

Since that you definitely do not want to stand at one place taking guest pictures for too long, you will want to get an extra hand in taking those pictures, so you can focus on capturing the party and the main couple.

Group shot coordinator

Your clients will need help too! Before the wedding, tell them to appoint someone that is willing to help organizing the group shots so you and the couple can save time and let the guests bring their chit chats somewhere else.