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Staying Safe in a Newborn Photography Session

How dangerous can a newborn photography Jacksonville FL be?

newborn photography Jacksonville FL Well, you might not realize that a lot of factors can affect the baby’s health and may even induce SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So far, the cause is unclear, but certain acts can become the trigger without clear explanations why. But it is always best to prevent them.

Ethical photographer

There are several photographers joined in a community that is based on ethical conduct in taking newborn pictures. They focus on promoting safe conducts and ensure that baby is in the safest place in the set. No harm or even risk of danger should come to the baby according to the code.

Such photographer pays great attention to even small details like the hygiene of blankets used and the air in the room. These are all things that will affect the sensitive baby during his early days.

Your own standard

It is also best to set your own standard when consulting with the photographer. For example, tell them about the things that you find very dangerous and you don’t want to see happen to your baby. Ask your photographer if it is possible to do it in the other way, such as by editing. Be strict about it and your photographer will end up complying with you. If they can’t, just walk away! Your baby’s safety is most important after all.

On the other hand, you can choose to listen to the photographer first on how he usually works and then points out the parts you don’t agree. Ask if it’s possible to change them. One newborn photography Jacksonville FL service that we know will always try their best to ensure safety for you is www.jaxphotographer.com. If you have any special request regarding it, you can always ask.

Set condition

The set has to be clean and suitable for a baby to remain long. First of all, it has to be warm, considering the fact that your baby will be naked for the most of time. He will most probably be rolled in a blanket but will be molded with all skin uncovered. So, the room needs to be warmer than what is comfortable for you.

It has to be clean and free of bad odors. At the same time, it’s best to not use any room fragrances which could be sensitive for newborn babies. Just fresh and not smelly.

A watching eye

Does the photographer have an assistant? It will be a great help to have someone that keeps an eye on the baby throughout the session. Two adults watching a baby is necessary to keep him safe. If there isn’t, you may need too much more effort and pay more attention to the photography. Look out for your newborn baby while the photographer takes pictures.


Check the props that will be used and ask how they are going to be used if you are not sure. Make sure these props are safe and don’t put the baby at risk. For example, hanging beans put babies at risk as they suspend the baby in the air from a height where the baby shouldn’t fall from. If you don’t like the idea of it, ask for it to be excluded from the newborn photography Jacksonville FL or have the pictures taken in a different, safer way.