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Newborn Photographers: Talking to Parents

newborn photographerAs a newborn photographer, being able to relate to parents and understand them is part of the job. We are part of their new member’s life: we’ll be making the very first memories of them to be kept. Thus, it is important that we let the parents know the most important things and make sure that they are ready on the day of the session.

Begin with explaining about newborn photography.

What is Newborn photography?

Okay, so, it’s not that parents are stupid to not know what it is, but the point is to explain what it is and when it is not. There aren’t that many parents who know the difference between newborn photography and baby photography. Let them understand the time limitation and that they can potentially be tired from delivery because newborn photography is best done after 5 to 10 days after the baby is born.

The beauty of first days

While you explain this, you can show them several pictures of newborns. And then compare them to baby pictures that you did. This can help parents understand and see the value of booking for a newborn photography session.

When can you do it?

The second one is to explain when the newborn photography should be done. Some parents want their baby’s pictures captured on day one, which is at the hospital. The drawback of this is that the mother might not be feeling well and a lot of tired looks will be captured. But the love is always there, which is the very core purpose of newborn photography.

On the other hand, you can offer them to come to the studio after they feel better and have everything set up for the session. As a newborn photographer, you have to be able to convince mothers to make it here. The first few days after getting discharged from the hospital can be exhausting, so help them feel at ease.

Persuade, but not forceful

The most important part is then the booking part. How should you convince mothers to book with you? Begin with telling them that booking is always normally done during the second trimester or the beginning of the third trimester. This is because you want to make sure that a newborn photographer is ready as soon as you’ve delivered, so there might not be enough time you start looking after you’ve delivered.

You might also tell them that their third trimester is going to be the hardest months because the bump is getting big and preparations have to be made to welcome the baby. There might not enough time to arrange the schedule by then. So, now or the second trimester is always the best time.

Provide a comfortable waiting room

If you have to put parents in the waiting room during consultation or photography session, make sure it’s comfortable. Your clients are going to be pregnant women and exhausted new mothers, so making the environment as relaxing and comfortable as possible is important.

Set them up to come back again

Most baby photographers do a lot of growing-up shots, too. If that’s what you do, make sure that you set up something to make your clients come back again. It can be a percentage discount for next booking package, or a voucher for next booking when they refer a friend.