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Destination Wedding Challenges for a San Francisco Wedding Photographer

San Francisco wedding photographerDestination wedding is full of excitement. It’s one of the most challenging job, yet fun to do for a San Francisco wedding photographer! You get to travel and be exposed to new cultures and have fun while you work! You’re most ultimately, paid to do this!

There are, however, challenges that you need to know ahead of time. It’s also concerning that you won’t be able to visit the venue first and will only be able to prepare for the place once you’ve arrived.

There’s also the fact that preparation has to be done even more concisely. You seriously have no second chance to do the job well. There’s only one shot to everything that happens, and wedding pictures will rely on how professional you do your job.

Doing your own research

If it’s a country you’ve never been to, make your research. Simple things like what you should wear and how the weather most likely will be determine how you should work. For example, if it’s a sunny place, you’ll most likely work under bright conditions that will cast horrible shadows on your clients. Should you bring a reflector or make one yourself there?

If it’s going to be rainy, what kind of umbrella should be brought? Is there anything that represents the country that can be added to the pictures? Or are the backdrops of the venue famous to have a silhouette picture done when the sun sets?

Any San Francisco wedding photographer like catiecoyle.com know too well that traveling for destination wedding means you’re exposed to a place you’ve never been at all, so a research is just a must.

Checking your gears

A few days before your flight, make sure you have all your gears is good condition. Cameras have to be free of errors. Memory cards should be able to write date smoothly. Batteries have to be at full-charged condition. You definitely should not forget the charger.

On a side note, it’s wise to have insurance with you. You never know what can happen. Should a lens break there, you know you have your insurance backing you up to replace that, even if dispute with locals cannot be settled.

Discussion with your client

As busy as your client is, try to have time with them every now and then to check on the venue. See if there are any changes on the schedule or the design of the wedding venue. It’s also a good thing to build a good relationship and show an image of a caring, professional photographer.

Visit before the wedding

As tight as the schedule can be, make sure you and your client have the time to check out the venue one last time before the wedding. Any mistakes can be changed right now and you will have your chance to test shoot and see if your plan works. This is also the chance to ask your client to stand for the ceremony and direct them to look at the right way or stand on the right spot.

Preparation is always the key to a successful wedding and it’s even more so in destination wedding for a San Francisco wedding photographer.