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Things You Wish You Knew About Wedding Photography

wedding photographyWork with the bride when you are trying to get your wedding photography timeline plan together.

You should have a mock up plan for the sequence of events during the wedding. This will put you in a pretty good position to map things out ahead of time before the wedding actually takes place. Put the sequence up in a list and check things out as you go along. This will help you keep your eyes on the goal and never lose sight of it the moment unexpected things come along. You can always just take a few steps back and pick up where you have left off. It will make life so much easier for you and it will enable you to get the job done without too much trouble. Include the bride in all of this planning process because she is usually the one who plans everything through. If the couple hired a wedding planner, then you should get in touch with that planner straight up.

Write up a contract to protect you and your wedding photography business.

If you want to protect your wedding photography business and protect its continuity, then you should make sure that you have a contract drawn up. The contract should include clauses that will help mitigate any risks for the wedding photography coverage. A lot of things can go wrong during the filming of a wedding event. You do not want to go out of business just because of one fatal mistake, intentional or not. The contract needs to be iron clad and it needs to be sans the loopholes as much as possible. Get a lawyer to review the contract and to proofread it, make sure that it is up to industry standards. Getting a contract out to the clients who book you is also a pretty good sign of your legitimacy as a professional wedding photographer.

You need to learn how to manipulate the use of natural light.

It is the most gorgeous looking lighting for wedding photography. Natural light should be your first choice for lighting options as much as possible. Flash photography, strobes, and other lighting units will work fine but natural light is the best looking lighting option for wedding photography. It makes the bride’s features softer and more romantic, giving off that dreamy, at times ethereal vibe that will really get to work out great for the images the moment they come out and most especially once they have been touched up and fixed a little.

Get as close as possible to the things and people you are photographing during the ceremony.

The trick is for you to get close and to get low. This is the best kind of angle that you could go for especially if you would like to go for images that are of the highest possible quality. Photographers like are always after that perfect angle and that perfect positioning and in this case, getting down and low will get you just that.

Modern Wedding Photography Tip Offs

wedding photographerPhoto sequence

Plan a sequence for the list of photos that you should be taking for your wedding photography shoot. If you want your photo shoot to go ahead as planned, then you will need a plan in the first place. Write up an itinerary for all of the shots that you will need to take. This schedule will keep you in check all throughout the wedding event that you are planning. There will be a lot of spontaneous and unplanned things that can happen along the way and that’s alright every now and then. You will just need to make sure that you do not segue too far off the trail.  A nice itemized plan will help you stay right on schedule and help you make sure that you will be able to get things done just as you have planned.

Emergency kit

If you want to be prepared for your wedding photography shoot all of the time, you will need to get a kit together for any photo emergencies that might happen. The kit does not have to be anything fancy or high tech. the most basic of things will help you get the quick fixes together should something happen during the wedding photography shoot. Bring in some stain remover, sticky tape, a few pins or so, and maybe a decorative hanger for the wedding dress to be hung in during the getting ready part of the wedding. You will be surprised at the amount of mishaps that can happen during a photography shoot. You need to be prepared no matter what happens. These basic items will get to save the day so make sure that you keep a kit with you every time you head out to cover a wedding one way or the other.

High quality services

Do not let your religion or any other faiths or beliefs sway you from delivering high quality wedding photography service. There are thousands of religions in the world and each of them have more or less different practices that they go by with. They will not always be in line with what you believe in or with what you may be used to and those are just things that you cannot control. What you can control, however, is how to react to things and how you manage the situation. Do not be judgmental and try to be as neutral as you possibly can. Keep your mind open and try to open up yourself to the entire experience. Keep things professional and find out as much as you can about the couple you are trying to provide the service for. Talk to them and do as much research as you can. Information is your best bet when it comes to things like these.

Bridal shoot

The bridals shoot is extremely important. Make sure that you schedule a different date for this. It cannot be during the wedding day itself. If you want to get things done right, never neglect the bride. The whole thing should be about her in the first place. Schedule the bridals shoot on a different day other than the wedding day because you are not going to have enough time if you do otherwise.