Wild Wedding Flowers Watch out!

wild wedding flowersBrides are always the happiest when choosing wild wedding flowers for their special day. They get to choose which fluffy petals and daring colors to use as their bouquet, table centerpiece, and decorations. With the help of Pinterest and many other platforms of creativity, brides are given lots of ideas to choose from.

But what are the things should brides be reminded when choosing wedding flowers?

Not all flowers are available

As beautiful those ideas on Pinterest might be, there’s a couple of factors you need to think about when you live in a country with 4 seasons. Some flowers are only available for a short time period and that getting it out of the season may prove to be a little bit pricey.

That’s right, flowers aren’t cheap! Especially natural and wild ones, as they only bloom and can be harvested if the season is friendly enough. When that happens, consult with your florist on a similar type of flowers or list of those that are available during the season you’re getting married. Naturally, winter has the least choice and spring, nearing summer, has some of the widest choices of flowers.

Something about the flowers

There are reasons why some flowers aren’t famous for wedding usage. Even though they look pretty in pictures, in actuality, these plants still need to go through careful consideration. Lily of the valley is known to be extremely poisonous when eaten by human or animals. Because of this, when you’re about to use this flower, this will become an important point to be put into consideration.

Other flowers, like baby’s breath, shouldn’t be used in large amount. If you think about the name of the flower, there has to be a reason that it’s named so. That’s right, baby’s breath emits, sour milk smell when they are lumped together in large amount.

www.briarroseflowers.co.uk suggests that if you plan to use wild wedding flowers like this one, be modest. Using one or two in your bouquet and a boutonniere shouldn’t be problems. Crafting a bouquet of it, now that would be a little bit uncomfortable for you.

They can’t last forever

Flowers, once plucked, will begin its wilting process. They are sensitive to the environment, weather, and water where they are placed in. When the florist sends you the flower the day before your wedding, it’s important that you learn a step or two to preserve the flowers.

You can learn to make natural preservatives or just buy for them to keep the flowers fresh until your wedding day is over. Sometimes, the flowers remained closed, so that they’ll bloom at the right time tomorrow. Keep the water clean and remove any leaves that fall off. You can also put them in the refrigerator if the flowers had bloomed.

If it’s still closed, keep it outside and put it in water and change the water before you sleep. You can also ask your florist to help with how to care for the wild wedding flowers before the wedding day. There’s also the fact that the bouquet is already tied with the ribbon for those who do. You will have to submerge the flower as far as below the ribbon.

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